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Today’s entry discusses the importance of a blog’s title and tagline, just as the creation of a title and subtitle is important for Romance authors. Bloggers need a catchy title and tagline that will hold the interest of readers and ensure they will be interested enough to return to your blog. I determined my title by the subject matter of the blog; reading, and specifically, my favorite genre, Romance. The title reflects both authors who write this genre of literature, and my composition of articles about the genre.

The tagline is inspired by identifying positive personality traits that describes the nature of this blog. Ever-changing topics aim to compel, with powerful and influential articles; hopefully it is productive and effective in providing you with information you need or desire. Intelligent and thoughtful reviews will, at times, contain current information, opinion-pieces, or just subject matter I want to discuss with you. Author or book-related information might be provided. Research on the genre will be treated clearly, directly, intelligently, and astutely. These articles will, unless subject matter dictates, be concise and aim to be incisive; getting to the heart of matters.

I’ll be taking a look at what others have to say on their blogs. Comment here if you’d like me to view yours.