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Just in!  You, the reader, chose the winners of Goodreads Choice Awards 2015, announcing the Best Books of the Year in 20 catagories. Winner of the Romance catagory, at 35,264 votes was Confess by Colleen Hoover. Nominees are listed as well on this web page.

Goals set in mind, Auburn unexpectedly falls for a man who keeps secrets from his past. Confessing them might be the salvation or destruction of their relationship.

I don’t know about you, although I read other genres, I really enjoy a conference devoted to Romance readers. Next summer the RWA RITA Awards will be presented again; more than a dozen catagories of romance, not just a section of the awards as with Goodreads. Members of the organization can nominate books/authors for awards; judges will select the winners.

There are so many ways you can talk about books and authors. Focusing on, and developing, different topics to discuss and promote the Romance genre challenges your mind, as well as is enjoyable.

Please keep revisiting my blog to see the different types of posts and recurring events.

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