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I just concluded watching all episodes of The Tudors (Life of Henry VIII), and started watching Reign (Rise of Mary, Queen of Scots). If I am in the mood for a very intelligent story, and want to be completely immersed, Historical Romances are the way to go.

I’m not sure if you have read their Historical Romances, but Bertrice SmallVirginia Henley and Philippa Gregory first introduced me to the sub-genre.

There are many interesting such authors, but if you have not tried these I can recommend a couple of titles:

Bertrice Small
Series: Border Chronicles, O’Malley Saga, Skye’s Legacy

Virginia Henley                                                Series: de Warenne, Plantagenet Trilogy. Titles include these and others: A Year and a Day; The Border Hostage; The Dark Earl; Dream Lover

Philippa Gregory
The Wise Woman, The Virgin’s Lover, The White Queen, The Favoured Child

Next week we’ll discuss appeal factors in relationship to the historical romance, such as setting, and readalikes determined by elements or catagorization such as time-travel.