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Busy and can’t find enough time to sit down with a book? How about listening to an audiobook on the way to work, or as you are performing your daily chores? Personally I prefer the experience of turning the page as I imagine, immersing myself, becoming the character and experiencing all that she does. Yet sometimes we are so busy with our daily lives that an audiobook substitutes for a novel, printed or e-book. I know others who prefer the convenience of audiobooks; like the fact that they can multitask. Some readers just prefer to listen to the story.

Try out an audiobook from your public library. Maybe you have a title in mind you’d like to try? If not, Librarians trained in Readers’ Advisory can help you out with recommendations. You can also take advantage of the free audiobooks available during Audiobook Month from companies like Audiobooks.com (as I did); Audible.com might offer something similar.

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