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Do you use social media to increase traffic? This might help drive traffic to your blog. At the very least it is another interesting feature or tool, increasing visuals.

Develop your own video or podcast, maximum 5 minutes, on a book or author. On the first Wednesday of each month embed and then post it on your blog, adding a link in your post to The Romantic Pen. Remember to add the tag, #AVFiction, encouraging readers to visit your blog. Then add a link to your post in the Comments area of the AVFiction page of my blog: https://kwolf114.wordpress.com/avfiction

You could, for example, try a book review, or interviewing one of your new blogging buddies who is an author.  I’m eager to see what you create! Have any questions, contact me at: kwolf114.kw@gmail.com. Start date: January 4th, 2016.