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Many of today’s Contemporary Romances can run the gamut. They feature various settings, character types, and subjects. From sensual to the family saga; about the military, tycoons, ranchers, princes or Amish; in sleepy towns; May-December romances, betrayal, scandal, Women’s Fiction, etc.

Last Thursday’s What Shall I Read Next? discussed a form of Contemporary Romance, the erotic novel. This week I am recommending another group of authors I’ve enjoyed whose books are set in the present.

Some of these are standalone books, whereas others are part of a series yet can be read as a standalone. Want to become immersed in the lives of a group of friends, maybe even family, as with Maya Bank’s KGI and Lora Leigh’s Elite Ops novels? Read the entire series’.

The Elite Ops series is a military romance with erotic overtones. Each novel follows a particular member of the Ops team; the other men and their love interests are kept as secondary characters. If you like Leigh’s Elite Op’s series, check out Maya Bank’s KGI series, about a family-run elite security firm. The KGI books follow the same pattern as Elite Ops.

Other books by Maya Banks, similar in the family/friends aspect, include:

Breathless Trilogy; Surrender Trilogy; Sweet series

Link to the authors’ websites (see above) for more Contemporary Erotic Romances; many have the family or friend connection.

Like the Breathless and Surrender trilogies, as well as the Sweet series, try Lauren Dane’s Brown Family series; each novel adds new romantic interests and relationships, retaining all characters, extending the family and friend circle as does Maya Banks. All characters are important throughout the series.

It seems as if a certain quality of innocence in some romance novels is missing today. Of course there are Christian Fiction writers such as Karen Kingsbury, but even Diana Palmer altered her writing through the years. Though a softer feel, the depth of physicality increases in her later novels being reprinted today.

I find that many subgenres overlap. As Gothic did with Historical, discussed earlier this month, so does Erotic Romance with Contemporary Romance. Novels’ appeal differs depending on the book, even if it is of the same type, such as the Erotic Romance. Each has its own setting, storyline, pace, etc.; my blog entry on appeal factors explains further.

Examples of other authors who write Contemporary Erotic Romances are:

S.J. Day; Meredith Wild; Marie Force; Shayla Black;  Jasmine Haynes; Julie Kenner; Christina Lauren; M. Leighton; Opal Carew; and Thea Devine.

How about Jackie Collins?; do you think she fits in here? There are other authors whose books are not solely erotic romances; Erotic Romance overlaps with other subgenres.  An author might use an erotic element to further the storyline.

Please wait for the next episode in What Shall I Read Next?, if not earlierwhere I’ll continue discussing Contemporary Romance. What do you think about the book suggestions I have been making during the last two months? Please let me know. The Comments section is always open.