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Thanks bookwormgirls123 for bringing this to my attention. I didn’t realize that readers of my blog might think that the event I’m hosting, AVFiction, is only for those of you willing to post a photo or show yourself in a video.

That is not true! Sorry if you thought so. If you prefer not to post a video, you can produce your own audio podcast with an app such as REC’s Spreaker Studio,  free on Google Play. Use the app you prefer; I’m just mentioning one that has been highly rated by users, broadcasting live or pre-recorded broadcasts with added tracks and sound effects.

A video doesn’t need to focus on you, but instead could feature your voice and video your surroundings. For example,  video a pile of books as you review one of the titles in the pile. Segue into photos or moving images portraying what you are reviewing; from, for example, Creative Commons, Getty images, ensuring that copyright infringement doesn’t take place.

This blogging community is wonderful. I’m having a great time speaking with you. Everyone is so helpful, and I’d like to keep this rolling along. It would be wonderful and appreciated if, for those who find this an interesting idea, you let me know by commenting and participated in the AVFiction event. This will start January 4th, 2016.

Spreaker Studio (Version 1.2.14) [Computer software]. San Francisco, CA: Spreaker, Inc.