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Thanks drmegsorick.com for your book recommendation. Though Jeffrey Archer’s The Clifton Chronicles is not in the Romance genre, I’m such a voracious reader, and love family as well as generational sagas, that I’ll check it out. They are enthralling and I get caught up in them. In that sense, my attitude toward them is the same as toward historicals (see prior blog post).

Today I’ll take a page from drmegsorick.com, and make a brief detour. I thought discussing Women’s Fiction, not necessarily in the Romance genre, is a nice segue based on the type of books recommended yesterday. Although some authors’ books do seem to be included in the circle of Romance writers, or as an element in their novels.

I mentioned Evergreen by Belva Plain, also mainstream Women’s Fiction. Tapestry continues the saga. Belva Plain was known as a best-selling author of Women’s Fiction. I enjoyed Barbara Taylor Bradford’s A Woman of Substance, part of the Emma Harte series, and consider that she authors Women’s Fiction, as well as Barbara Freethy.  Other authors include:

Susan Mallery, Debbie Macomber, Jennifer CrusieEileen Goudge, Patricia Gaffney, Jane Green, Adriana Trigiani, and some of Barbara Delinsky‘s and Susan Wiggs‘. Do you consider Amy Tan Women’s Fiction?

A new novel in Women’s Fiction is The Secrets of Midwives by Sally Hepworth from St. Martin’s Press. Three generations in a family of midwives and the secrets they hide.

Taking a step away from Women’s Fiction a second, John Jakes is famous for his generational family sagas, such as:
Kent Family Chronicles
Romance, adventure, and the family’s participation in the events that shaped a nation, beginning with the fight for America’s independence
Charleston and Savannah
The gigantic story of a family from American Revolution through the fall of the Confederacy.
North and South
Two families…Three generations…Civil War
Crown Family Saga
Tumultous, the end of the 19th Century leads us to the 20th, and its international stage.

I would be remiss in not mentioning the generational family saga that started it all…at least, Roots by Alex Haley, began the run of TV miniseries in the 1970’s.

More Contemporary Romance to follow. Happy New Year!