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Yesterday’s What Shall I Read Next? basically focused on contemporary humorous romances, some of which have a light touch. One author mentioned was the recently deceased Cathie Linz. Honoring her, the Romance Writers of America changed the name of a major

award, presented since 1995, to the
RWA Cathie Linz Librarian of the Year award. This award is given to a librarian

who demonstrates outstanding support of romance authors and the romance genre

(Romance Writers of America, 2016).

Winner of Romantic Times awards, Cathie Linz wrote light, fun, humorous novels such as:

Bad Girls Don’t (2006)
Good Girls Do (2006)
Big Girls Don’t Cry (2007)

These are just a couple of her Girls novels. You might find them heartwarming as well. Link to their pages for more information about the books. I devoted a post to Cathie Linz because of her advocacy and work to promote romance’s appeal and place among other fiction.

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