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Evonovich, S. (2013, June 13). [Review of the book Big Girl Panties]. HarperCollins Publishers. Retrieved January 17, 2016 from http://youtu.be/x0XOQqhEEAE

Of the many book conventions, such as the London Book Fair, Frankfurt Book Festival, etc., there are those specific to the consumer, or that have day(s) set aside for readers, such as BEA. A few months ago I attended BEA and picked up much swag in addition to bags and bags of books. The sessions were very interesting and full of ideas, and roaming the floor was where I picked up new books I will use to help keep me up-to-date. I did the same with RWA.

You guessed it, most books selected were Romance! One of the books I was lucky enough to pick up was Stephanie Evonovich’s The Sweet Spot, a follow-up to Big Girl Panties that I have from BEA the year before. They are humorous, but sizzling, and The Sweet Spot returns to the relationship between Chase and Amanda.

In my opinion Big Girl Panties is a funny story of a woman who loses weight, gaining a whole lot more; who overcomes what she considers to be an obstacle (is it weight or grief?). Some readers respond negatively toward this book because they are sensitive to the weight issue; but the novel is not a social statement, and is not meant to be taken as such, but only a comedic romance.

I hope you like Big Girl Panties as much as I did.