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You know how TV shows, and even movies have spin-offs, well I find that when this is done with novels, it can sometimes be a good way of finding your next read; provided it has the same or similar appeal. For example, that it follows the same or similar pace, atmosphere, and tone.

Totally by chance I discovered Karen Marie Moning’s paranormal Highlander series, with recognizable character types, including secondary characters, some of whom are fully developed in later novels. Twin Gaelic Druids, Drustan and Dageus MacKelter, for example, are the male protagonists in Kiss of the Highlander and the following The Dark Highlander respectively; storylines breathing of ancient magic, passionate romance, and traveling through time.

I longed for more in that vein, and without any left in that series, I tried out her MacKayla Lane novels. These Fever novels, urban fantasy/paranormal, built a chaos-filled world dependent on powers, including the supernatural, to survive and fight for a return to the new “normal.”  Magic, romance, as well as traveling between worlds once again make an appearance, some of which is in a slightly different but equally entertaining way. Between the two series, time-travel, sifting through space and time, as well as between Faery and Earth are some elements portrayed, as are Druids, Sidhe-Seers, and darker supernatural creatures. If you are at all like me, you’ll find them all interesting.

Ms. Moning’s treatment of the paranormal romance seems to have evolved from focusing on time-travel and immortality to developing a world with more paranormal elements, that can follow that of the earlier series. Reading both series, it seemed as if what occurs in volumes 4 and 5 of the Highlander series, as seen above, immediately precedes the Fever novels. I was pleasantly surprised when she wove in the Gaelic MacKelter Druids from the Highlander series, through secondary characters; it shows a continuity that makes it seem as if the two series are one story told over time. According to Goodreads both series take place in the same world.

The next book in the Fever series, Feverborn, just arrived! I recommend reading the Fever series if are looking for another paranormal or fantasy romance, liked the Highlander series (most especially Drustan and Dageus’ stories), and appreciate an original story chock full of paranormal elements.

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