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This is where Christian Romance meets the Gentle Read. Set in a polite and kindly society, literate and often humorous, there is little explicit sex or violence in them. Carla Kelly, whose writing explores her Mormon background, is best known for gentle romances set in Regency England. If you like her Regency Romances, and enjoy

novels of wit and manners, you should read Jane Austin‘s, Georgette Heyer‘s (also Georgian), and Barbara Metzger‘s gentle romances. Do you find humor or comedy weaving through any of them? Though I have to dispute the “kindly” label, applicable to Amish romances.

A “clean” gentle romance novel need not only be of Amish nature where “things of the world” are prohibited and shunned, but include authors such as Tamara Leigh who writes both Inspirational and Clean Read Medieval Romances. The hallmark of Gentle Romances is that they usually do not have graphic violence, language, or explicit sex, though sometimes, as with Tamara Leigh, they do portray a certain degree of violence or enmity.

Gentle or “Clean” reads may feature plots with a little adventure thrown in, suspense, humor, and, if historical romance, the plot may necessitate inclusion of some violent content as long as not graphic. I found the “Clean” reads designation both within and separate from Christian Romance. The “Clean” Reads catagory includes authors who, in some cases, rewrite romances published for a general audience to fit readers of “Gentle” or “Clean Read” novels.

Though signing off for today, later I will discuss how male protagonists or heroes can be strong while gentle enough for readers of certain “Gentle” romances.