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Thanks to Lauren @ https://ljonesedition.wordpress.com/2016/02/12/fridayreads-7/ for adding Irene Hannon to my author lists of “Clean” Reads and Christian Romances, published between February 4th and 12th, 2016. Hannon is another author who doesn’t let her choice of subgenre stop her from including action, adventure, suspense, or thrills to her writing. Enemies abound; rebellion, battles, and death occur; warriors conquer, avenge, and imprison; and wrathful, retaliation and revenge are plotted.

Intelligent, determined, strong-willed heroines, are portrayed. These bold, outspoken women are willful at times. Without these characteristics, the heroine would never be able to break through the heroes’ shell; not be a match, and the happy ending of true romances would never occur.

The hero of Baron of Godsmere, The Feud: Book One faced betrayal in the past. His behavior shows avoidance of such in the future. Basically he will not take a chance it will occur again. Leigh’s males, in different “Clean” reads, either mask indifference; are maligned; or hide a different side that may be the true heart of the warrior. This side fears revealing a secret that could jeopardize the relationship. The lady stirs his heart, and, where needed, her determination extends to easing his torment.

Strong male and female lead characters are portrayed. Do you find the hero appealing? Why? Do you think his strength hides the need and desire for passionate, romantic love? I think the revelation of the male protagonist’s hidden side appeals to the reader; he is “gentle” enough for the reader of Gentle Romances.

Within the next few days I’ll segue from Leigh’s “Clean” Read Medieval Romances to Regency “Clean” Reads. Historical, they are set in Britain (England or Scotland) as is Leigh’s. Although gentle reads, both are similar in that they portray either a harsh, class-based, unforgiving society (Regency) or age (Medieval). Happy Reading!

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