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Have you glanced at Tamara Leigh’s Clean Read Medieval Romances? If so, and you read Gentle Romances, are her heroes’ hidden side “gentle” enough for you? I love reading authors of historical romance novels, from different time periods, with strong, powerful heroes whose cold, distant, arrogant, or fierce demeanor hides a gentle, loving heart for his chosen lady;

reminiscent of Tamara Leigh’s heroes. Remember this is Fiction only; never confuse it with reality.

Today I’ll mention a couple of my favorites, from William the Conqueror’s England, to Medieval Scotland or England, and culminating in Regency England.
1. The Prize by Julie Garwood- Conqueror’s court- Features a rebellious Saxon captive bonded to her Norman invader, whose fierceness secreted a chivalrous and tender heart.
2. Honor’s Splendour by Julie Garwood- feuding English court- Brave, avenging a terrible wrong, the Wolf is conquered by his own honor. His gentle captive’s act of saving his life sealed her fate. No longer his enemy, but his love, to be protected against all.
3. A Kingdom of Dreams by Judith McNaught- English/Scottish- “The Wolf,” an arrogant, fierce, brooding English warrior is captivated by the bold, headstrong, and proud Scottish lass he  abducts. She penetrates the shield of the terror of the land.
4. The Bride by Julie Garwood- medieval Scotland- A mighty, fearless Scottish laird and warrior weds a beautiful, feisty English bride whom he only grows to desire more. He learns to love her, and bends his life and “rules” to possess her completely now and forever.
5. Stephanie Laurens’ Cynster series’- Regency- such as Devil’s BrideScandalous rakes, arrogant, self-assured, capable alpha heroes. Impressive and intimidating, yet gentle and loving with the ones they care most for or about.  Cynster novels first recommended around Thanksgiving, then with read-alikes.
6. Lord of Ice by Gaelen Foley- Though proud, aloof, and tormented, the heroine is aware of, and is determined to meet the hero’s need of her love.
7. Dreaming of You by Lisa Kleypas- Tough, hardened and suspicious, the wealthy owner of London’s most exclusive gambling house is vulnerable. Never having known love, nor wanting such before, he intentionally never became involved with anyone as innocent as Sara. Derek doesn’t think, coming from poverty and degradation, that he is good enough for her, but does want love and a family with her. Derek opens himself up briefly, but only after fire and perceived loss does he fully admit his love and need of her. Recommended first in early December when discussing Historical, mainly Regency romances.

You can also try Johanna Lindsey; for example, her Aristocratic pirate in Gentle Rogue (Mallory Book #3). Author websites are other sources of such books. Check them out! Are “Clean Read” Romances that may reflect the violence of the Medieval age and Regency society to your taste? How much violence in your novels is palatable? Please send your comments on this and other blog posts by visiting their Comment section (just click on post title) on my blog:
http:// kwolf114.wordpress.com

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