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Small-town life isn’t for everyone, but it sure is for supernatural creatures in Bon Temps, Louisiana. Guess who’s glad the vampires made their home in her backyard? Sookie Stackhouse, of Charlaine Harris’ Southern Vampire series, finds a vampire boyfriend a relief since their thoughts, unlike human males, are masked. On the other hand, Sookie’s telepathy is politically advantageous to the leader of the vampire community, and you know what that means!

Although a Contemporary Paranormal, her love affairs/relationships with first Bill (vampire) then Eric, (vampire) the Sheriff of the territory, are in my mind an essential part of the story. Sookie is catnip to them, yet the battles among the vampires, shifters, and faeries don’t leave her unscathed; she’s very much a part of them.

Visit Charlaine Harris’ website for a listing of the series’ books. If you have seen HBO’s True Blood (Sookie’s world), how does the series measure up?