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Genetic enhancements, horrific experiments, with a target on their backs is the fate of some of paranormal romances’ characters.

Yesterday introduced Lynn Viehl, author of the Lords of the Darkyn series and creator of the Kyn. We’ll be returning to the Vampire Romance, but today, let’s talk about novels focusing on other “gifts.”

Viehl’s Kyndred and Christine Feehan’s GhostWalker brethren, are genetically modified; the Kyndred hunted by a biotech company for their DNA, and GhostWalkers a silent group of warriors engineered to be killing machines. I noticed when reading the novels, that some of Viehl’s Kyndred were protected while the GhostWalkers seem to be protectors.

These series’ have characters, victimized by industry and government, whose talents range from mind-reading, telepathy, telekenesis, animal and reptile abilities, to being a psychic and seeing secrets with touch. The secret military experiments experienced by the GhostWalkers, some producing cat-like abilities, reminds me of Lora Leigh’s Breeds series.

The government may have wanted the perfect soldier, but at least some of the GhostWalkers experienced, as did the Breeds, being locked up, horrific experiments, without human kindness. In fact, the Breeds were seen as animals because of their DNA.

There are many different paranormal romances. In the next few weeks we’ll discuss a representative sample of some of them. Do you have a favorite type? If so, let me know by adding a Comment to this post.

Happy reading!