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Do you believe it! The sheer number of paranormal romances may have you scratching your head, asking, “how can I choose??” Ghosts can’t help you. Faeries live in their own world. Witches and Wizards would probably turn you into a toad as soon as look at you. Don’t bother approaching Demons or Angels as they are too busy fighting one other to help. But maybe I can.

Lets narrow the parameters. What character types do you like to read about? Is the book funny or light? Imaginations might be stirred by vampire romances; or shifters as in the Magnus Pack trilogy (Shelly Laurenston), or characters with animal characteristics like those in the Cat Stars Chronicles series (Cheryl Brooks),  both on the light side.

A short time ago I picked up a paranormal romance about an angelic army, Angel warriors, fighting Demons and succumbing to passion and love for human females: Angels of the Dark series by Gena Showalter. Some like their angels a little bit on the bad side. If you like tales featuring Angels, about good versus evil, you might like the Fallen Angels trilogy by J.R. Ward. True love is found, human souls saved, and the demon doesn’t win.

Sensual, sexy, steamy, and wicked if not thoroughly humorous, fallen angels are also featured in the fantasy fiction, The Fallen series written by Cynthia Eden. As in the prior selections, the fallen Angels of Death fight whatever hell pursues and protect the women loved from all harm.

The lightest paranormal and urban fantasy is Sandra Hill’s Deadly Angels series. Like Eden’s, the novels are steamy and funny. Hill puts a twist on the main characters. Not only are they Angels, but Viking Vampire Angels: “Vangels.” Fated to war against Vampire Demons because of past trangressions, protection of human females leads to temptation then love.

See you next time!