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Internet Archive. The Ghost and Mrs Muir -57:41

Souls in limbo…unable to move on. Ghosts with unfinished business…concluded can do so. Often these are secondary or peripheral characters.

Written years apart, two of my favorite paranormal romances with ghosts as main characters are Ghost and The Ghost and Mrs Muir. Both were filmed; the latter with many adaptations.

The Ghost and Mrs. Muir is based upon a 1945 novel by Josephine Leslie, pen name R A. Dick. Embedded above is the streaming audio of the 1947 radio play from Luz Radio Playhouse. It was also adapted for the Screen Director’s Playhouse and a TV series.

A young widow and surly though roguish ghost of a sea captain fall into utterly hopeless love. Captain Gregg saves the day for his love, then…Not to spoil the story, all I’ll tell you is that what is true in life is not in death.

Love is stronger than death in Ghost, where a lover’s spirit remains behind to protect his beloved from his murderer and best friend.

I enjoyed both “ghost” tales, and recommend you take a look. If you’d like to play the embedded audio, it takes about an hour.


Boyer, C. & Carroll, M. (Actors). (1947). The Ghost and Mrs. Muir (Streaming Audio [podcast] No. 47-12-01). San Francisco, CA: Internet Archive. Retrieved Lux Radio Theatre recording on March 14, 2016, from: https://archive.org/details/Lux12