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Do not read Anne Rice’s The Witching Hour. The advice is based upon the abrupt ending, and that it did not follow the formulaic romantic ending. I was unpleasantly surprised by how such a well-known, popular, marvelous author could make such a misstep, doing this to her reader.

As far as I’m aware, the book was not originally meant to have a cliff-hanger; because it wasn’t supposed to be part of a series, Lives of the Mayfair Witches. If I did, maybe then I’d understand the abruptness. Instead, I was drawn into the 1,200+ paged, generational history of a witch dynasty, only to be cruelly disappointed by the twist in the last 10-20 pages.

I felt betrayed. Spending all this time for a disappointing ending. Kidnapped into reading this massive tome that, all along, portrays an all-powerful 13th witch who only turns out to be weak-willed.

Spoiler alert! She abandons the love of her life at the last gasp, suddenly, for the dangerous, demonic, seductive entity that’s been haunting her family for generations.

As with Discovery of Witches, discussed earlier this week in The Tree of Life and the Serpent, the novel spans genres: History, Gothic, Horror, Romance, Fantasy, Mystery, and the Paranormal.

Does anyone have a different view of The Witching Hour?

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