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Once every 500 years, species battle amongst themselves for supremacy in the Accession, thinning their numbers, in Kresley Cole’s Immortals After Dark series. So many immortals, so little time. Let’s make it simple and mention only those creatures not discussed before.

Mythological creatures in the Lore include:

Berserkers: Stronger and faster than mortals; can temporarily become as powerful as an immortal.

Cambion: Child of Succubae or Incubi

Demi-Gods: Children of deities and humans.

Fey: Masters in the art of poisons. Different kinds of Fey, such as Ice and Dark Fey, Hag, and Druidess.

Furies: Ruthless she-warriors and deliverers of justice.

Gods and Goddesses: Good and evil;  play a role in not only the Lore, but in determining the outcome of the Accession.

Hybrids: A mix of species with varying degrees of power. Like a Halfling

Morior: Oldest surviving of each species, such as Dragon.

Nymph: Highly sensual beings of extraordinary and flawless beauty, with a deep connection to nature.

Phantoms: Ghost-like state at will. Imbued with otherworldly powers but invisible to the living.

Siren: female species of immortals, they can permanently mesmerize and enslave males who hear their singing.

Succubae (female)/Incubi(male): Draw nourishment from the sexual release of their partner.

Valkyrie: Most feared in The Lore. Takes sustenance from the electrical energy of the earth, sharing power collectively, returning emotions as lightning.

Vrekeners: Guardians of the Lore; punishes those threatening the secrecy of immortals. Sacred duty is to keep the existence of the Lore from human kind.

Aside from the above character types, this and other paranormal romances also feature supernaturals such as:

Harpies; Banshee; Basilisk; Wendigo; Wyvern; Harbingers; Thunderbird; Raven; Griffin; Gorgon; Minotaur;  Mandrake; Manticores; Oni; Cerberus; Centaur; Satyr; Hydra; Medusa; Behemoth, Tengu; Rakshasa; Charybdis;  Cyclops; Ogre; Imps; Rugarus; Sphinx; Arachne; Kraken; Lamia;  Phoenix; Dhampir;

Sileni/Silenus; Mermaids; Selkie; Kelpie; Nereid; Sprite; Water Spirits; Sea Serpents; Giants; Dwarf; Gnome; Troll; Gnomes; Goblins; Ghouls; Bogeyman; Green Man; Slender Man; Reapers; Shadow figures; Golem; Hell Hounds; Four Horseman of the Apocolypse; Familiars; Hellspawn; Fetch; Fire Bird; Firedrake; Nephilim; Scylla; Sylph;  Shade; White Lady; Apparition; Wraith;

Faeries; Skinwalkers; Mother Earth; Necromancer; Poltergeists; Changeling; Djinn; Cupids; Amazons; Leprechauns; Tooth Fairy; Unicorns; Elves; Brownie; Pixie; Puck; Ghillie Dhu; Baba Yaga; Extraterrestrials; and Incorporeal beings.

More on this coming… If you’d like some other suggestions for paranormal romances, see my top picks from earlier this month.