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Psychic abilities appear throughout the paranormal romance subgenre, first in supernatural creatures such as Carpathians of Friday Reads: Top Picks and What Shall I Read Next? He Bites! February then saw it in genetically modified humans of Friday Reads: “Gifts.”  Christine Feehan does this subgenre proud.

Bestselling author of the above mentioned novels, she also writes of elementally gifted “sisters” in the Drake Sisters and the Sisters of the Heart series’. If you like reading magical, paranormal romances set in sleepy, coastal towns, yet filled with danger or secrets, both series are a good choice.

The Drake Sisters series, published first, is set in the same town, Sea Haven. Each novel features a romance between a different sister and her love. The books seem to set up the romance featured in the next. The Sisters of the Heart series also details a romance between a “sister” (not of the blood) and her chosen man. Both are fast-paced, contemporary series’.

I see the sisters’ control of their elemental powers of earth, air, water, and fire as a form of psychic power. Some use telepathy, others intuit patterns in the air, among other talents.

I enjoyed reading these read-alikes and I hope you do as well!