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The past, present, and future converge, psychic investigators and agencies flourishing throughout the years, in Jayne Anne Krentz, a.k.a. Amanda Quick, a.k.a. Jayne Castle’s series’. I love her Arcane Society novels, traversing the centuries, and find this an example of her books appearing in more than one series. As one instance, Midnight Crystal is both in the Arcane Society series, as well as the Dreamlight Trilogy.

Paranormal romantic-suspense is also seen in her Looking Glass Trilogy, part of the Arcane Society novels. Psychic talents are treated here, as well as with the featured security experts of the Ghost Hunters novels. The author also considers them as the futuristic Curtain novels.  If you like romantic mysteries about psychic detectives/investigators you can also check out the Whispering Springs and Lavinia Lake and Tobias March novels.

No matter which age preferred, I recommend reading any and all of these books. I consider them read-alikes because, although the time periods vary, the novels are all romances dealing with psychic investigation/security. They follow similar threads, such as male-female partners in solving a mystery, or other situation involving psychic talents and/or environment.

Visit Jayne Ann Krentz’s series’ webpage for information on these titles. See you next time!