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It’s a new year for RWA’s Cathy Linz Librarian of the Year Award! The recipient, Robin Bradford, is the Collection Development Librarian at Timberland Regional Library in Olympia, Washington. The majority of her advocacy for the romance genre, its authors, and readers is done through social media, pretty much mainstream now. Remember, only those librarians who are outstanding in their support of the romance genre, including their writers, are selected.

Is the trend toward selecting younger librarians? See my entry on Cathy Linz, who embodies or personifies the award, renamed in her honor posthumously.  Aside from social media, Ms. Bradford seems to use collection development to promote romance to patrons and the profession as a whole. I believe that Robin also views, as I do in my post, Reading for Pleasure. Fiction Anyone?, that romance is judged both harshly and treated differently than other books.

In the library field for over 20 years, her focus on acquisition, in bringing books to the attention of readers and other librarians, is supplemented by engaging with readers; such as the interview series at Booklist’s Corner Shelf.  Ms. Bradford series highlights self-published/indie authors, as do I in my entry, Online Conferences for Indie Authors or Those Who Want to Self-Publish.

Desirous of showing the variety of the romance genre, as I am in exploring its subgenres in my blog, Robin also wants what I do:

readers discovering new romance books, authors and sub-genres; reading these books that they love; without prejudice or judgment towards the genre.

I am happy to blog Robin Bradford’s appointment as the 2016 RWA Cathy Linz Librarian of the Year; an individual who supports readers in their quest to read as many of the best romance novels available. As I do when recommending read-alikes and other romances in the various subgenres; a major focus of my blog, The Romantic Pen.

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