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Join Mark Lefebvre (Kobo), Mark Coker (Smashword), Joel Friedlander, (Book Designer, Author, and Blogger), and the Moderator, Adam Boretz (Publishers Weekly and BookLife) for an afternoon’s free webinar on April 27th, 2016 @ 1PM, Self-Publishing E-Books and Print Editions. I thought that if you were interested in my prior post, Online Conferences for Indie Authors or Those Who Want to Self-Publish, you might want to see this.

In summary, the webinar discusses

best practices, tactics, and tips about self-publishing e-books and print editions…self-publishing experts will discuss everything from e-book platforms and print-on-demand to e-book conversion and distribution.

Click the link if you want to register for the webinar or contact Publishers Weekly with questions. If interested in self-publishing, you should take a look at the publication’s site, BookLife, dedicated to Indie Authors; readers might be interested as well.

Until tomorrow!

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